What is the Best Accounting Software?

The simple answer…… there’s no one answer!

4 Steps to Choosing the Best Accounting Software

Without having the best accounting software , it’s almost impossible to keep track of your finances…. This is a necessity for a successful business.

To track your finances properly you need a system that can not only track your income and expenses but one that can ‘multi-task’.  It needs to do many other functions such as Payroll, GST, Stock Control, Budgeting, and the list goes on.

What about my Spreadsheets?

For a successful business, a spreadsheet is just not going to cut it.   Don’t get me wrong, we all love our spreadsheets but they have their limitations.   They cannot provide real-time, in-depth information which is crucial for you to make informed decisions. Experience will tell you that you only need one little formula to be wrong and it can cause a world of pain!

But, how do you get underneath the jargon to know which is the best accounting software in the marketplace for you? Googling the features of the software options to come up with the best fit for you is an arduous task.

Is there One Accounting Platform that Works for Everyone?

Every business is different so no one piece of software works for everyone….. although beware, there is vendors and accountants out there selling this theory!  So, how does the average business owner do this?  Once you lift up the veil, the answer is scary – it’s a combination of Google, asking their mates (who often weren’t in the same industry!), and occasionally asking their accountant (who often only recommends the one product – those reasons are for another day!).

And this is where businesses are getting it wrong.  Is it any wonder your team end up hating the program?  It most likely wasn’t right for them in the first place.  Some of the software vendors have massive marketing budgets and employ hundreds of marketing people but this doesn’t always mean that their software is right for you.   Conversely, there is other software vendors that may have the perfect fit for you but because they spend very little on marketing, you don’t even know they exist?

This became our ‘why’ for the creation of Wichwon.  We needed to help business owners understand the marketplace.   We are taking all of the noise away for you – there is no marketing of platforms, no need to google and research, simply use the free analysis tool to work out ‘wichwon’ is going to work best for your business.  Once you’ve bought the software of choice through Wichwon we will team you up with the best trainer in your region in case you need assistance.

Lets get started…… Work out the Best Accounting Software for me!