CFO’s Guide to Updating Accounting Software

Our CFO’s Guide to Selecting Accounting Software is ready.    At Wichwon, we understand not only accounting software for the small businesses but we understand the needs of the bigger business that has outgrown these systems.  Having worked with a large number of CFO’s over the years, I’ve had the privilege of being able to … Read more

Business Tips for Start-Ups

Our Ebook for StartUps is finished.    Check it out today for many free and helpful tips. At Wichwon, we understand what it is to be a start-up.   We are living the same dream!  But with an accounting background, we’ve had many years of experience talking to a wide range of businesses so we put … Read more

Keeping Your Mojo

Let’s face it, small business is hard work.   We all start on the journey, the rose coloured glasses are on, and we are going to conquer the world!  Then reality hits, the bills pile up, customers are hard to come by (and even harder to convert), and you are needing to learn skill sets that … Read more