Have You Ever Wondered How A Comparison Site Works?

You know what they say – Buyer Beware! How many people have bought software not really knowing what it does and doesn’t do, let alone if it’s going to be suitable for what they need? Everyone’s had their share of failures and losses on this score – including me!

One way to level the playing field is by using a comparison site. So let’s take a look at why it can be so challenging to get the right advice on accounting software, and how a comparison site like Wichwon can help.


Why Can It Be Hard to Get Good Advice?

As someone who has lived and breathed the accounting industry for over 25 years, I know that there is a real lack of transparency in relation to advising on software solutions, and some accountants will only push one. Why? The main reasons are:

  • Trailing commissions (often not disclosed).
  • Unwillingness to train their own staff.
  • “Too hard” to know more than one or two solutions.

I’ve also heard accountants say they don’t want to give advice as they don’t want to support that platform.  Another great one I heard only 12 months ago from a Sydney accountant is “all my clients are on Excel” – I think the look on my face said it all!

So, when you ask your accountant “what accounting software should I use”, think a little about why there is a very quick answer provided…. It may just be one of the above reasons.

In their defence, though, it’s almost impossible to keep up with which product does what when you are not looking at them day in, day out.  The difficulties accountants face can be quickly summarised:

  • Rapidly changing industry means it is difficult to stay abreast of the changes when their major focus is your tax and business concerns.
  • The accounting industry has typically held itself out to be independent and objective – but is this reality when accountants are faced with giving advice outside of their day-to-day software expertise?
  • How can they provide comprehensive advice based on deep knowledge of all the major options? Typically, very few people would want to pay for their time to do the research.

And that’s where Wichwon comes to your aid. At Wichwon, we are passionate about helping small business owners make smart choices in relation to their accounting software.


How Does Wichwon Work?

We do not get paid upfront by the software vendors (in the form of marketing), so we are truly vendor neutral.  There is a complex algorithm in the back engine that is matching all of your responses to the features of each and every product.

There is further complexity in relation to some features. As an example, multi-currency is graded higher, so if you select this option, you don’t have the ability to utilise an ‘add on’ – the product must simply have this as one of its features. If you say that your internet is not reliable, Wichwon will look at desktop and hybrid solutions, where you can flip between online and offline.

Our algorithms are constantly being updated to deal with vendor software updates, so the latest features are always being compared.

While we can’t obviously give away all our IP secrets, hopefully this gives you a little insight into how it works and why the responses you receive are what they are.


And how does Wichwon earn its Income?

Wichwon only earns income from the vendors in the form of a commission once you select the “Buy Now” button from within the report. We pass on the advertised vendor prices to you – there are no additional charges.

So there you have it – an overview of how a comparison site like Wichwon operates. And if you’ve utilised our free services, we would certainly appreciate your support by buying via our recommendations. This will ensure we are here for the long haul, supporting many small businesses just like yours!


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