How to get started with your new accounting software

Getting started with your new accounting software is simple using the Wichwon concierge and on-boarding service. First, if you haven’t done so already, you will need to choose an accounting software solution for your business. This is easy using the Wichwon Analysis Tool which will offer three software options suitable for your business.

Once you have made your selection, Wichwon provides services to get you started with your new software. We have a range of options for you to choose between, all at very reasonable prices.

If you’re technically savvy, you can opt to download and install the accounting software recommended by Wichwon. For those who are less confident of their skills, or would simply prefer to get on with the main activities of their business, our team of accountants are available to help you through every step of the purchase, installation and set-up process.

Once you have a list of recommended software products we can handle everything for you. Our service includes handling the purchase or subscription to your chosen software at no cost. First, we will discuss your choice by telephone – this is to ensure that your software purchase is the most appropriate choice for your business. Once the decision is finalised we will schedule a time to work with you to download and install the software onto your business system. The software is purchased directly from the developer – not through Wichwon. Some of the questions asked and options offered when purchasing or subscribing to software can be confusing. We can handle this process for you to ensure you have the optimum software set-up for your business.


The on-boarding process involves setting up your newly purchased software so it streamlines with your business activities. First, we will discuss the needs of your business with you. Once we have established your business accounting needs, you provide us with a log-in to your system.

We will then tailor the set-up of your accounting software to suit your business. This includes setting up lists of debtors and creditors, a chart of accounts, GST, bank feeds (with your assistance to enter passwords), uploading your logo, designing invoice layout, and setting up security levels for your staff.

Reconcile Opening Balances

If your business has been running for some time you will already have business records and invoices. Changing to a new accounting system in this situation can be messy and time-consuming. Wichwon concierge services include the option of reconciliation of your opening balances. This service includes bringing all open invoices and bills into your new system and ensuring all balance and banking details are correct.

Set-up Payroll System

Wichwon also offers a personalised service to set up your payroll system. It’s important that your employees are paid the appropriate sum, and that they receive their pay on time. An efficient and accurate payroll system will not only keep your employees happy. It will also help you avoid fines from oversights on legislative requirements regarding payment and entitlements for employees.

We are able to set up your system to include all of your employees with details of YTD balances, deductions, allowances, superannuation and leave accrued. Our team are able to set up a single touch payroll and can tailor the payroll system in accordance with industry specifications.

Personalised Explainer Video

We are able to design and develop a personalised video for your business which you can use to train new staff, and refresh existing staff on your accounting system. Developing a video is a once-off cost for your business. Once completed, the video belongs to your business and can be used as often as necessary. The first step in designing a personalised video involves discussing your requirements and in particular identifying any problem areas in the use of your accounting system. We then produce a video covering the areas you have specified which can be used as frequently as required.

For further information regarding our concierge and onboarding services, please enquire directly either via email or free call us on 1800 144 445.