Participating Software Providers

Our job is to help you understand your business software needs and then to recommend a product from our list of approved programs. We assess your needs based on the requirements you tell us. In making an appropriate recommendation we consider every program that is on our approved list at the time. Our approved list does change from time to time.

Whilst we aim to bring you all of the major software suppliers, there will be instances where the software providers do not want to be compared to others in the market place. In contrast, we are able to provide you with all software providers who understand transparency and that business owners should be using software most suitable to their business requirements.

Not all the programs available from a software provider will be sold through us and therefore may not be on our approved list. The majority of the programs of our participating providers are available through us. However, occasionally, we may not have all programs from all of our software providers and, in almost all cases, this is at the direction of our participating software providers. Also, it is important to remember that we are not owned by any software provider and our satisfaction derives from finding the program that suits our customers' needs.

Software information is provided to us by our partners. Our website is updated as and when we receive this information to ensure the software information displayed is up to date and accurate.

Today, Wichwon has commercial relationships with the software suppliers: