Concierge & Onboarding

Wichwon has found the right Accounting Software Solution for you but how do you get setup?

Wichwon's team of accountants will get this done for you with our

Concierge & Onboarding Service

Step 1: Do the Wichwon Analysis Tool

In case you haven't started with knowing what system will work best for you, let's make that happen by heading straight into the comparison tool.

Once you've answered a series of questions that are related to your business and accounting software, our comparison tool will go to work.

When the analysis is completed, a recommendation report will be emailed to you.

This report includes the 3 products in the marketplace that are most closely suited to your needs.

Included in this reports are links to provide you with more information and also to purchase.   Your business does not purchase from Wichwon, rather these links are taking you direct into the vendor's sites so the price that you pay for your software is set by the vendor, not by Wichwon.

Step 2: You Choose how to Get Started

And now the fun now starts!

A little worried about jumping into the fire? Don't worry, the Wichwon team have made it easy for you.  You can DIY the whole process or we can do it for you:

1.  DIY Approach

  • Purchase your software via the Wichwon recommendation report
  • Get your Business setup in your new software

2.  You Purchase, Wichwon Onboards

  • Purchase your software via the Wichwon recommendation report
  • Have Wichwon do your setup and Onboarding

3.  We do it all for you

  • That's right....we'll do everything for you!

4.  Already Purchased Direct from the Vendor - that's OK.

  • When purchasing from the Wichwon recommendation report, we offer this service at a discounted rate.   We can still help you at our standard rate.

Let's get started today!



Many businesses have had their accountants do this and be surprised at the cost.   We've kept this totally affordable so you can get on with what you do best!

Let's take a peak:

Wichwon to attend to the software purchase for you - Complimentary

Onboarding (if completed the full Wichwon process) - $49

Onboarding (if purchased software direct from vendors) - $199

Reconcile Opening Balances - Debtors, Creditors, Banks - $129

Setup Payroll System - $249

Personalised Explainer Video $179

You may not have seen a personalised explainer video before.... we take your data and video step by step how to do the basics + anything that is specific to your business.   It's yours to keep and share with your staff - training made simple!




Ready to find out which Accounting Software is right for your business?