Payroll Setup

Payroll can be so Confusing, How do I get Setup?

Wichwon's Payroll Service will do it for you

Do you have new accounting software & the payroll setup is confusing you?

Get it wrong & your staff won't be happy

Our team of accountants at Wichwon can get it setup for you, ready for your next payrun.

Payroll is one of the most demanding areas of any business.   There is a minimum of seven pieces of legislation around any one business (and often a lot more) in relation to paying your staff.   Get any of these wrong and you can not only have problems with your employees but the penalties for contravening the rules can be crippling to your business with large fines.

What does the Payroll Setup Include?

  • You provide the Wichwon accountants with a login to your accounting software file
  • We'll discuss with you the needs of your business
  • The Wichwon accounting team will setup the following for you:
    • Employees
    • YTD Balances (if changing programs part way through the financial year)
    • Accrued Leave Balances
    • Single Touch Payroll
    • Allowances
    • Deductions
    • Superannuation
    • Minor industry specific tweaks

What are the advantages to you?

  • Spend time working on what you do well and therefore make money.
  • Have it setup right from the beginning.
  • Happy staff!

How much does the Payroll Setup Cost?

  • Only $249


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