Personalised Explainer Video

Finding Help Difficult?

Wichwon's Personalised Explainer Video Means Help is at Your Fingertips

Have you Measured How Much Time is Wasted Looking for How to Make Your Accounting Software Work?

How Much Training is Needed?

Then take on a new Staff Member and it starts all over again.

The wonderful team of accountants at Wichwon have recognised the problem and brainstormed a solution for small businesses.

And so, the Personalised Explainer Video was born.   Let's look at how it works:

  • You provide our team of accountants a login to your accounting software file
  • We'll discuss with you the areas of difficulty for your team
  • The Wichwon accounting team will build you a video (either with or without sub-titles) that will cover the basics plus your areas of particular concern
  • Your video will be branded with your logo.   It's yours to keep into the future to share with your staff today and into the future.
  • And finally, you remove our access to your accounting file.

What are the advantages to you?

  • How much time and dollars do you currently spend on Googling answers.   Even worse to then find that what you found isn't the answer at all?
  • Each time a new staff member starts (who works in your file), there is no one 'go-to' for upskilling and so you're relying on someone to teach or for them to start the Google Process again.   An interesting fact - when you teach someone, you only ever pass on a maximum of 80% of what you know.   This is not intentional, it's just that information is not retained by the initial person.   With your own video, everyone is taught the same way.

How much does a Personalised Explainer Video Cost and what do I receive?

  • It's a once off $179
  • You'll receive a link to a video that you can download onto your own computer.
  • The video will explain step-by-step what needs to be done by your team to make your accounting system 'just work'.   By using your own data file, they have access to the 'real' information so there is no confusion down the track.
  • We know that videos are a great tool to learn by but are out of date when the software is upgraded - once done the first time, we will do any updates for you at the discounted rate of $99.


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