Reconciliation and Balancing of Systems

How do I get my Old Data into my New Software?

Wichwon's Reconcilation and Balancing Service has it Covered

Needing to get your Old and New Systems Reconciled and Balanced?

Get it wrong & you could lose Time and Money

Our team of accountants at Wichwon recognised the problem and built a solution for small businesses.

The biggest problem with changing accounting systems is well.... changing accounting systems!   Business doesn't stop just because your software has changed.   You still want to get paid by your customers and you still need to make sure your bills are paid.   But, if all of the 'open' invoices and bills are in the old system it can be a headache to take it across into the new software.

What does the Reconciliation and Balancing Service Include?

  • You provide the Wichwon accountants with a login to your accounting software file
  • We'll discuss with you the needs of your business
  • The Wichwon accounting team will setup the following for you:
    • Bring in all open invoices of your customers
    • Bring in all open bills
    • Ensure your bank balances to both your bank and account for any outstanding items at changeover date
    • Enter all other Balance sheet balances as per your previous data file

What are the advantages to you?

  • Spend time working on what you do well and therefore make money.
  • Have it setup right from the beginning.
  • Your customers will continue to receive statements with their original information
  • You and your team will continue to understand what accounts are still outstanding.

How much does the Reconciliation and Balancing Service Cost?

  • Our Standard Rate is $129.   This assumes that you have previously setup the debtors and creditors in your system.
  • If you've not yet set this up and need help doing so, check out our onboarding service before this step.


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